AboutBuilt / Ongoing

Built work
2018-22 Metro de Madrid Headquarters (nZEB). Madrid. Spain (with Nexo & A.Perea).
2018-22 Refurbishment of the Ateneo de Madrid (listed building BIC), Madrid, Spain.
2017-21 MC5 Patio House in Galapagar, Madrid. Spain.
2008-16 Urban regeneration plan for the inner city of Selb. Germany. (Europan 09 Implementation).
2011-16 Experimental Subsidized Housing IQ Innerstädtische Wohnquartiere in Selb. Germany.
2011-15 Multipurpose Center Valle de Salazar in Iciz, Navarra. Spain
2015 Pavilion for Beer&Food (Heineken Group) in Madrid. Spain.
2008-15 Youth Centre and Youth Hostel in Selb. Germany. (Europan 09 Implementation).
2008-12 Childminders Center in Selb. Germany. (Europan 09 Implementation).
2010-12 Multipurpose Center Valle de Salazar in Iciz, Navarra. Spain.
2006 World Architecture Day Urban Art Work in Almería. Spain.
2006 Pavilion for Pregaia-Castelo in Madrid. Spain / Maia. Portugal.
2006 Interior design of the NEC-Philips Headquarters in Madrid. Spain.
Ongoing works
2021- IBA 2027 Stuttgart, Mixed use quartier Postareal Böblingen, Germany (with UTA)
2020- Secondary School in Kemnath, RSK Realschule Kemnath, Germany (with ALN)
2020- Urban regeneration of an urban block and 9 Social Housing in Marollen, Brussels. Belgium (with Maker)
2018- Metro de Madrid Transports Complex, Madrid. Spain. Phase 01 Completed (with Nexo & A.Perea)