• IBA’27 Festival #1 in Stuttgart, Germany


• “Bizimoduak. Maneras europeas de habitar” / European ways of living from 8 Europan Competition implementations case-studies at Instituto de Arquitectura de Euskadi, San Sebastián, Spain.
• “Metròpolis d’Avingudes» AMB Exhibition at l’Espai Mercè Sala, Barcelona, Spain.
• Exhibition on the new Green Technology Innovation Centre at the Neuen Technischen Rathauses in Mannheim, Germany.


• AMB Nodes & Crossings at AMB, Barcelona, Spain.
• Bosque Metropolitano exhibition at Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain.


• Curators of the AUE/Madrid Pavilion in the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2019. Seoul. South Korea. (“Rendering the Collective in the Circular City”, Exploring the Spanish Urban Agenda / Madrid New Proximities. With the support of the Ministry of Development of Spain –AUE/Spanish Urban Agenda-, and the City of Madrid)


• 2005-2016 COAM Awards Exhibition at COAM, Madrid. Spain.
• IVM Passages International Results in Shanghai and Barcelona. China / Spain.
• “Export: Spanish Architecture Abroad” in Washington, US.


• IVM Passages International Results at BETC in Paris. France.
• XIII BEAU Spanish Architecture & Urbanism Biennal. Granada. Spain.
• Architectus Omnibus? & Concéntrico 02 Festival in Würth Museum in La Rioja, Spain.
• CLESA, The Competition. LaSede COAM, Madrid. Spain.


• Architectus Omnibus? XII Madrid Architecture Week. La Arquería in Madrid, Spain.
• IVM Passages Expo Site Shanghai Results in CINEV Show in Hong-Kong.
• Architectus Omnibus? IV Spanish-German Forum. Instituto Cervantes of Berlin, Germany.
• Expo 2010 Site IVM Passages Shanghai Competition. Tongji University, Shanghai. China.
• EXPORT: Spanish Architecture Abroad. ICO Museum, Madrid. Spain.


• Series Paréntesis, «First Works». LaSede COAM, Madrid. Spain.
• FAD 2014 Awards. Sede ArquinFAD, Disseny Hub Barcelona. Spain.
• XII BEAU Spanish Architecture & Urbanism Biennal. Aedes Campus in Berlin. Germany.


• XII BEAU Spanish Architecture & Urbanism Biennal. Nave 16 Matadero in Madrid. Spain.
• «Architects from Madrid around the World». X Madrid Week 2013. LaSede COAM. Spain.
• «Das Erste Haus» Bauwelt Preis 2013. BAU 2013 Messegelände Munich. Germany.


• «Europan: Bauen als Diskurs». Wohnen als urbane Substanz. E9 Selb. Haus der Architektur in Graz. Austria.
• Europan 11 in Semperdepot, Vienna. Austria.
• Europan 11 in Tabakfabrik, Linz. Austria.


• Familienfreundliche Wohnanlage Competition in Selb. Germany.


• Internacional Competition ENYA Bronx Bridge-NY, New York. USA.
• European Europan 10 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
• Paradeplatz Competition in Forchheim. Rathaus Forchheim. Germany.
• Europan 10 in COA Cáceres. Spain.
• Europan 10. Munich, Nuremberg, Hamburg. Germany.
• Model: Europan 10 Forchheim in the Architecture Gallery of El Croquis, Madrid. Spain.
• Europan 10 in Bauhaus-Dessau. Germany.


• Model: Childminders Center in the Architecture Gallery of El Croquis, Madrid. Spain.
• Model: Europan 09 Selb in the Architecture Gallery of El Croquis, Madrid. Spain.


• Europan 09 in Internationalen Bauakademie, Am Schinkelplatz, Berlin. Germany.
• European Europan 09 in Palacio de Congresos, Santiago de Compostela. Spain.
• Europan 09 in COA Galicia, Santiago de Compostela. Spain.


• VII Young Architects National Competition, Madrid. Spain.


• Competition “Hacia la Sierra” in COA Cádiz. Spain.
• Touring exhibition ETS Arquitectura competition Pasajes & Iguzzini PFC Award 2005.