IBA 2027 Stuttgart, Postareal Böblingen, Germany

Date: 2021/-
Status: Work in progress. 1st Prize Competition
Category: Mixed-use, Masterplan, Landscape, Residential, Office, Culture, In Progress
Tags: IBA 2027 Stuttgart, Postareal Böblingen, post-industrial quartier, mixed use, timber tower

Client: BBG Böblinger Baugesellschaft mbH, Germany
Location: Postareal Böblingen, Germany
Program: masterplan, mixed use quartier, housing, public facilities, culture, sports, health, commercial, offices, productive spaces, logistics, and public space
Competition: 1st Prize IBA 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart International Competition
Plot Area: 6.200 m2
Total GF Area: 22.000,00 m2
Architecture & Landscape: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos + UTA Architekten und Stadtplaner
Competition Team GdlF: Ignacio Cimadevilla, Cristina Infante, Maria Vittoria Tesei
Competition Team UTA: Anne-Catherine Dietz, Theresa Klingler, Ines Neuendorf, Claudia Oràn-Avalos
Structure: Merz Kley Partner (structural engineering and timber construction)
Klima-concept: Transsolar KlimaEngineering (energy and klima-concept)


A Stadtbühne to relaunch Postareal site: the Postareal Site is situated directly at Böblingen train station and, as the entrance to downtown Böblingen, could play a central role in upgrading the town centre. The winning design provides for a total of three structures at this prominent location. The buildings are of different sizes, with a 20-storey timber construction high point facing the train station creating a focal point in the new neighbourhood. New tree-lined and planted routes open up the site and make it permeable. On the side facing the train station, generous square, Stadtbühne für Böblingen, with a small wood as well as water features. In addition, each of the three buildings will have a shared roof garden.
A hybrid, circular -timber based- and mixed-use productive quartier: on the lower floors, the design provides for different spaces for purposes such as restaurants, cafés and shops, a mobility hub, small manufacturers, co-working spaces and perhaps a multi-generational and educational centre. The upper floors will provide housing for different needs and circumstances. These will range from traditional apartments with several rooms to cluster apartments and temporary housing in micro-apartments as well as homes for creatives that combine living and working space. Small-scale common rooms or shared spaces used for example as working areas or libraries and supplemented with public uses will be distributed throughout all of the buildings.
The new buildings are to be timber-based with cores made from recycled concrete. The winning design wants to recycle the concrete from the existing postal building and re-use other components directly.
“High quality and community”, an IBA 2027 Stuttgart project: the competition is organised by Böblinger Baugesellschaft (BBG) in cooperation with Internationale Bauausstellung 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart (International Building Exhibition, IBA’27). Postareal Site is one of currently 14 official IBA’27 Projects. “Once again we experienced a very high quality competition”, said IBA’27 Artistic Director Andreas Hofer. “The call for entries for an IBA project and an open approach by the developers is obviously attractive. The different perspectives and international entries bring lots of good impetus to a competition like this. The idea of taking the overall concept by the winners of 1st place and having individual buildings in that concept planned by other prize-winners could turn the site into a very diverse part of Böblingen. The diversity that we experienced in this competition is precisely what we as IBA’27 wanted and had hoped for”
The jury included members from BBG, Böblingen municipal authorities, the town council and IBA’27 as well as further experts and the three community representatives. “The residents can look forward to an innovative new component for the town with a distinctive high-rise building, which overall will really raise the profile of this part of the town”, said Böblingen’s Lord Mayor Dr. Stefan Belz. “I am delighted with the participation from the community representatives and would like to thank them sincerely for their valuable contributions, which ensured that the concerns of the residents were taken into serious consideration by the jury. This means that the project created here also comes from the heart of the community”.