Montecarmelo Library in Madrid, Spain

Date: 2018
Status: Competition
Category: Facility, Culture
Tags: Montecarmelo Library Madrid, Culture facility Spain

Client: City of Madrid
Location: Montecarmelo, Madrid. Spain
Program: Public library
Area: 2.108,00m2
Budget: 3.520.000,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos
Collaborators: Xabier Montilla, Gabriela Oxford, Miguel Sanabria, Carmen Santana
Visualizations: Drama


Subverting a local identity: the library subverts the local landscape of Montecarmelo, a new neighbourhood of Madrid, featured by banal brick-construction residential blocks without any specific value. The proposal explores the use of the brick in all forms dealing with the context in a creative way. Bricks are present in finishings, facades and structure, exploring this materiality in the 21st century, highlighting the thin-tile vaults.
● An adaptable infrastructure: the library follows the principle of differentiation from the “support” and the “infill”, understanding the building as a culture infrastructure that can host in future many different programs. This “support” is based on a spatial organization following a range of decibels, and a porous groundfloor in contrast with the extremely non-permeable residential blocks. The system is tested for the competition with the “infill” of a public library.